Patient Participation Group

At Whitwell Surgery we are constantly looking to improve the services we offer our patients against the back drop of major changes within the NHS.

One way in which we can ensure we are working on the right things is to ask you, our patients. As such, we have a Patient Participation Group (PPG).

A PPG can

  • Offer patient feedback about their experiences with the surgery
  • Help the practice improve their services
  • Help the practice make the best use of their resources
  • Improve communication
  • Help to promote good health
  • Influence decisions about which services are provided
  • Offer practical support to the practice

A PPG is not

  • A forum for complaints
  • A fundraising organisation
  • A time consuming activity

Our PPG meets with the practice team a few times a year, to discuss ways we can improve our surgery, our current Chair person is Linda Brett. She would love to hear from you if you are interested to join the group.

Ideally the PPG should represent patients of all ages, both male & female.

To join please complete a PPG registration form:

Patient Reference Group Registration Form.

Patient Participation Group: Terms of Reference and Membership

The following dates have been proposed for future meetings:

We already had a meeting in January 2019, and aiming to have regular meetings at least once every 3 months. We are talking to past and future representatives to arrange a suitable date for the next meeting.

If you would like to be involved in our patient group, please contact the Practice Manager or simply complete the form above.