Important Message To Our Patients

Thank you to the majority of our patients who have been kind and understanding about the pressures the NHS has been under.

Due to the large-scale role out of the covid vaccine and the current pressures on the NHS we have been advised to focus on the highest priority work. Our staff will be working together with the local surgeries to deliver the Covid vaccine. This means that there may be fewer appointments available on the vaccination days. We would like to reiterate that we are open however there may be occasions where we can only accommodate urgent matters. Examples of services that may be delayed are

  • NHS health checks
  • Routine reviews for stable long-term conditions
  • Routine injections for non-urgent conditions such as B12 or testosterone
  • Routine investigations such as blood tests or scans for non- urgent conditions
  • Ongoing, non-emergency symptoms which are not new or worsening
  • Admin requests such as routine referrals, letters for insurance reports etc

We will of course attempt to keep as many services as possible available as soon as we are able. We appreciate your patience.